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How to open your web site on our servers? - step by step.

Important: To have a website on our servers, you need to have a hosting account setup first.

Our servers are automated to open your websites instantly.  However, before we give you that control we would like to open your initial web hosting account by our self.  To submit a request for a website account and a web site, go to;
     -- Hosting Request Form

-- Hosting Request Form is a simple form that you fill-out and submit.  Upon receiving the information we activate your website and send you instructions on how to transfer your domain.

Once you have your hosting account setup and an initial website running, you can logon to manage your existing sites and open new websites instantly without our intervention.  We will use your credit card information on our file to bill you appropriately. 

Important: Before you proceed to create your additional websites, please note that creating a web site dynamically is a complex process.  Although we test our scripts to be error free, there are chances that you may encounter an error.  Therefore, if you come across an error during the website activation process, kindly notify our customer service immediately so that we can fix the error and help you put your web site online with minimum delay.  If you encounter an error please notify us and use the hosting request form.

Opening websites via. our Hosting Manager
Hosting Manager is our web site and accounts administration utility.  This utility gives you total control over your account and allows you to manage your sites independently and interactively, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  This also allows you to open additional websites for you and for your customers.

1.  Proceed to our Hosting Manager and click on 'Website Hosting Manager for NT'

You will be presented with screen asking you to enter your 'login ID' and 'Password'.  Use your login ID and password provided by us.

2.  Under 'Web Domain Manager' click on 'CLICK HERE to set up a new one'.  The following screen will appear.  Note: to enter an international domain e.g., if you own   enter it exactly including the two dots but without the www.

Be aware that you will need to know our name servers for Internic and change them to.

Enter your REGISTERED domain name: 

Example: ""    NOT     ""
Entering sub-domain information will cause your site to NOT work correctly.

We host all worldwide domains as long as you point the domain name to the our name servers.
Be sure that you own this domain.

3.  Wait for the system to process your domain, be patient.  Following information will appear.

Your domain has been entered into the database!
Your domain still needs to be paid for and configured.

Click here to continue with this process.

4.  Following will appear after you click on 'here'.

This area is for PAID web accounts. Here you can manage your domain FULLY on the fly. You can take care of most administration of your site from this control area. If you have any problems or questions with this area, please forward them to

 Create this domain now 

CLICK HERE to purchase and set up a new one.
5.  Following will appear after you click on 'Create this domain now'

Forgot what our features are?
Click here and a window will pop up with the current pricing plans.

Beginner, 10 Megs of storage
Personal, 50 Megs of storage
Business, 100 Megs of storage
Corporate, 250 Megs of storage

6.  Click plan of your choice.  Following will appear if you select 'Beginner'.
Item: Beginner

Upon submitting this form, you agree to pay any setup fees included with this domain. You also agree to pay the monthly charges as outlined in our web hosting plans. When you click below, your site will be created. This process will take about 30 seconds, please be patient while the servers configure your domain. There are several steps that are taken to complete this process internally. Please only click ONCE to avoid your site not being configured properly.

Click here to create the web site!
10. Click on 'Click here to create the web site!' and our servers will create your new web site that is accessible over the Internet.  You will receive the following message in a new window.

Setting up services on your account...please wait...

Creating domain folders...
Creating user ID and access levels...
Creating Under Construction pages...
Creating bindings on web server...
Starting new web site for serving on the Internet...
Creating mail server domain information...
Creating admin account on mail server...
Creating FTP server domain information...
Creating account on FTP server...
Creating DNS zone information tables...
Creating DNS MASTER BOOT information tables...
Reloading DNS MASTER BOOT databases...
Setting up FrontPage 98/2000 server extensions...

Domain setup complete! Please close this window.

You will also receive the following in the Hosting Manager window.

Your site should be configured and running. To access your site RIGHT NOW and begin uploading and testing use the following information. You are given a SUB-Domain of "" that will work until your Internic name servers are transferred here. At that time, replace the server names below with ""

Your temporary site is:

Your registered domain will work after you change the DNS servers on your Internic to:

To access your FTP site and start to upload and view files:
FTP Server:
FTP UserID: yourdomaincom
FTP Passwd: yourpassword

Your mail server will work fully when you get Internic set with the above addresses. to administer your mail server, goto and use the following login information:
User Name:
User Pass: yourpassword
SMTP Server:
POP3 Server:

Microsoft FrontPage 98/2000 is installed on your site as well:
UserID: yourdomaincom
Passwd: yourpassword

If you have any questions about your account or something is not working correctly, please let us know.

Remember that once Internic updates your zone information you can stop using the above sub-domain addresses and start using

For your web control panel, Domain Manager and manage all aspects of your site!

Congratulations! you have set up a new website.  You should also receive an e-mail explaining the domain transfer process.

Use your account information to log on and open as many web sites as you like.

** End of Tutorial ** Additions are constant, please visit us again soon.


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