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     Join our Master Reseller Program and get low rates on our Win 2000 hosting plans
          right from the very first domain!!
                Yes, that's correct, right from the very first domain you open on our system!!
                       No gimmicks, No hidden cost.

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Basic Windows Reseller Plan

For only $49.95/mo. and $9.95 one time setup fees you get
Total Space: 500 MB
Data Transfer: 25 gb
You can host as much as 25 domains in only $49.95/month.
That gives you each website hosting for only $1.99/month,

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Choose from our 5 feature rich advanced windows reseller plans 
For only $59.95/mo. you get
Total Space: 600 mb
Domains: 16 (14 control panels)
Data Transfer:20 gb

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All advanced reseller plans come with
FrontPage, 24/7 FTP Access
MX, C name, A record DNS Control
PHP, Perl, ASP, Site Studio (web development tool)
MS Access, DSN Connection
Unlimited POP Emails, Web Stats, DNS management
Fully functional sub domains with email and more

For only $120/mo. you get
Total Space: 1400 mb
Domains: 35 (30 control panels)
Data Transfer: 40 gb

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For only $330/mo. you get
Total Space: 5000 mb
Domains: 118 (90 control panels)
Data Transfer: 150 gb

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For only $225/mo. you get
Total Space: 3000 mb
Domains: 73 (60 control panels)
Data Transfer:100 gb

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Virtual Name Servers only

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As a Master Reseller you also get our low rates on the following services.

Virtual Secure Server $0.00/mo. MS SQL Server 2000 ($10/ 25 MB)
$20 Setup Fees
Virual Name Servers $10.95/mo. Domain Forwarding $18/year.


** We offer total reseller anonymity so that no one can trace your website(s) back to us and this means that you operate totally independent of Online Presence
** We give you IP based links that you implement on your site to be your own hosting company and have your own customers


Q. Will I be an independent reseller or must I use OnlinePresence.com name or logo on my site?
A.  You will be your own hosting company, independent of OnlinePresence.com.  We do not require that you put our name or logo on your web site.  We even make it so that your customers are unable to figure out if you are running a hosting system provided by OnlinePresence.com.  We provide you with name servers that do not associate with OnlinePresence.com and never contact your customers.  You run your own company, your own billing system and provide support to your customers, while we support you at the back end.

Q. How do I run my own hosting company? How my customers access their domain control panel?
A.  As a Master Reseller, we give you a special account and access to our 'Reseller Manager' area.  You can use this control panel to view your customers, transfer domains, log into your customers account to help them with support issues, etc.

In addition, we provide you IP based links to our hosting system, which you can implement on your site.  When implemented, your customers come to your site to access and manage their hosting account via. domain control panel or Hosting Manager.

Q. Can my customers find out if I am running a hosting system provided by online presence?
A. We keep our identity hidden and never contact your customers.  Even if  your customers run domain or DNS traces on sites hosted on our system they would not find us.  To start with, we give you generic name servers that are not associated with us.  You can also get your own name servers for an extra charge.

Q. How many hosting domains do I need to sell to qualify for your Master Reseller prices mentioned above?
A. NONE.  As a Master Reseller you qualify for the above prices from the very first domain you set up on your system.

Q.  How long it takes to get started?
A.  After you sign up, it takes about 24 hours to set you up and running and assign you IP addresses (for name servers).  However, when you request Virtual Name Servers it takes a little longer since your domain name has to be setup as a host name with your domain registrar and it may take an additional 24-48 hours.

Q. Can my customers come to my site and open up a web site?
A.  Your customers can come to your web site and request a hosting account.  Once you verify their contact detail and other information, you set them up a hosting account.  Your customers can then log in and open up web sites on their own.  Our system is completely automated, it will notify you when a new domain is setup up on your reseller system.

Q. Is it all this simple?  I don't believe it.  Are you sure there are no traps? like other hosting companies which offer low teaser prices but when you go in detail you find same old marketers at work.
A. Our reseller system is simple and honest.  All of our costs are mentioned upfront and there are no hidden costs.

Q. What are your billing policies?
A. Pls. visit our service agreement page.


* One time fee of $19.95, $75.00, $20 applies to set up a Master Reseller Account, a Customer Secure Server and a MS SQL Server database respectively.  There is however no setup charge for setting up/upgrading/downgrading hosting domains and domain forwarding for Master Resellers.

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