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Everyone nowadays seems like talking about e-commerce, it may be difficult to beat the hype, so the question is what e-commerce is all about? 

E-commerce is all about having an idea which is related to the internet and which adds value to individual or company's wealth by making value transactions.

For most businesses it is putting products and services online and generating revenues, for others it is an information revolution adding to their bottom line.

At OnlinePresence.com we help you achieve your e-commerce objectives.   We specialize in planning, designing and executing your e-commerce strategy from design all the way up to system integration and after sales support.

As discussed, e-commerce comes in variety of flavors.  At OnlinePresence.com, we specialize in the following.

1) Creating an effective online presence.
2) Creating administration, billing and/or sales automation solutions.
3) Capturing, processing and servicing orders.
4) Improving your odds of reaching your potential customers on the Internet.

OnlinePresence.com is your online success partner.  We evaluate your business concept or need, design an online presence that you desire, setup your storefront or online solution and then help market it.

As far as selling on the web is concerned, we work with you to make your site an automated selling machine that requires as less human interaction as possible to administer it.  We build or integrate shopping carts, integrate online order and credit card processing systems, billing and inventory systems, just to name few.

What makes OnlinePresence.com distinct from our competitors is our ability to follow following four design fundamentals.

Online Presence Simplicity E-commerce  Customers
Online Presence Convenience
Online Presence Comprehensiveness
Online Presence Full Automation Your Business

Let OnlinePresence.com analyze your e-commerce needs.  Contact us today and let us know how we can help you maximize what internet has to offer.

Please note that we also specialize in internet security.  We design online solutions that are securely accessible and administrable over the internet.

Please fill-out and submit our hosting request form.  One of our personal service representatives will get in touch with you to server you further. 

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