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Website Development

Website designing and development is one of the most crucial step in establishing an effective online presence.  It is not difficult just to have any thing up there, but on the contrary, it takes well defined expertise and great deal of web industry exposure to device attractive, simplified, functional and search engine friendly web sites.

At OnlinePresence.com we proud ourselves in taking your concepts and ideas online, the way you desire and the way most appropriate.  We put great deal of emphasis on understanding your needs and requirements and then devising a strategy to give those ideas a skin.  We work with you through every step of the web site development and execution process to make sure products delivered best satisfy your requirements.  We seek your feedback at every stage of the development process and interact with you to guide our development efforts.

To make it easy we divide our web site development efforts into the following three categories.

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  • Plain/Static

  • Dynamic/Interactive

  • E-commerce

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Plain/Static:  These sites represent visually appealing search engine and internet optimized pages that promote your ideas or products on the internet.  Plain static sites when crafted properly can be great compliment to your existing marketing/selling strategies.

Dynamic/Interactive: This includes the above as well as server scripts that allow your site to interact with your visitors or customers and provide them added services beyond simple presentation and just being infomercials.  These sites require writing server scripts, setting up and connecting the web pages to databases, database design, etc.

E-commerce: This is a phase three development that incorporates most features listed above as well as capabilities to conduct and capture online transactions.  SSL, Shopping carts, Real time credit card processing are some of the features unique to e-commerce development.

No matter what the requirements are, Online Presence has a solution. We promise to be open and specific about our service costs and our standards.  If we promise something, we deliver it.   We stand by our commitments and guarantee our work.  Since web site designing and development is a variable process, where requirements are different for every customer, we encourage you to contact us for custom quotes.  Nevertheless, we have put together the following chart to help you understand our cost structure.

We design web sites by pages as well as by hour.  We prefer to charge per page for most standard web sites that require static pages and not an over complicated structure, otherwise we charge by the hour.

Website designing prices structure:

Design costs by page:
First Page $280
1-20 pages $90 per page
over 20 pages $75 per page
Design costs by hour:
Web pages $95 an hour
Programming $95 an hour
Other costs:
Travel to customer site $95 an hour plus $0.4 /mile.
Faxes  (4 faxes comes free per web page) $0.25 per page
Scanning (1 graphic comes free per web page) $10 per graphic
Digital Photography $10 per picture
Web page updates (2 text updates comes free per web page) $20 per update per page.
Note: prices are subject to change without notice
  • All designing contracts require 50% of the development cost in down payment.

  • Cancellation charge for website designing is $400 or 25% of the development cost, which ever is greater.

  • We anticipate our customers to provide the text content that go on  web pages, we can write contents that meet your requirements but that would incur additional hourly charge.

  • We answer 95 percent of our customer's inquiries in less than 24 hours.  We make every effort to respond to your requests in less than 12 hours between M-F 9:am to 7:00 pm central standard time.

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