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4 Page Website Development Package

Amazing value, unbeatable price.  Get your web site up and running today.
1000s of business are going online every day, is your business up on the net yet?
Get online today, take benefit of one of our most valued online presence offer.

  For only $595 you get:
1 FREE domain name (1 Year), $13.95 value. Add to Cart: we accept credit cards online

OR send us an

Website Development Inquiry

1 FREE Custom designed logo per order, $200 value.
4 page standard website.
2 Anytime FREE textual updates per HTML page.
1 FREE scanned image per HTML page.
4 FREE out going faxes per HTML page.
3 month of our beginners hosting package for FREE, $27 value.
No hosting setup fee, $0 value.
10% discount on our feature rich NT hosting packages.
Don't delay put your business up on the Net NOW!

It is a business fact, 'have an online presence or have a least business presence'.  The world of business is changing rapidly, companies and individuals are taking advantage of the Internet to sell their product and ideas and are growing exponentially.  It is estimated that trade alone on Internet will reach 80 billion dollars by end of year 2003.  The question is, are you ready to go online with your idea or business? 

Let seasoned professionals at OnlinePresence.com SIMPLIFY the task of establishing your web presence.  Act now and take benefit of our all-in-one website package.

Package Details:

1) One Domain Free for a Year: To be uniquely identified on the Internet you need a name or domain name.  With this package, we will give you one domain name for FREE that you own.  This domain name will be registered on your behalf for one year by OnlinePresence.com.

2)  One Free Graphical Logo: You will receive a custom designed logo for your business or web site.  Remember having only logo designed, can cost your business 100s of dollars.  We will design one logo for you under this package according to your specifications.

3) 4-5 Page Website:  You will receive a 4-5 page standard website that would contain your company or business logo, standard graphics, text and hyperlinks.  These pages would be equivalent in size to standard A4 size printable pages.

4) One FREE Scanned Image per Page: One image scan per page is included under this plan.  You are responsible to provide this image.  You can also use our quality scanning services to transfer extra images and graphics out of your sales and marketing brochures to the Internet for a charge. 

5) 2 Anytime Textual and Links updates: Once your website is completed by us, you may later need to update the textual content  or the hyperlinks.  For your convenience we allow generous 2 (anytime) textual and links updates per page free of charge.  This means we would not put any time restrictions on you to turn-in your updates.  We will honor your update requests even 5 or 10 years down the road.

6) 4 Outgoing Faxes Per HTML Page:  We heavily rely on e-mails to update our clients on our website development efforts.  However, should you desire that we use fax instead, we include generous 4 free outgoing faxes per page to communicate with you, under this package.

7) 10% Discount on Hosting:  We also give  you 10% discount on our already low web hosting prices.  This discount is continous in nature and does not expire any time in future.

8) 3 Months of our NT Beginners Hosting for Free: To get you started on the net, we offer 3 months of our beginners NT hosting service for free.  Our beginners NT hosting service comes with 10MB of disk space and many unlimited-features.

9) No Hosting Setup Fee:  We will also waive your hosting setup fee to save you additional 0  dollars.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Q. How shall I get started?
A.  Add this product to the shopping basket and proceed to checkout.  We will contact you shortly as soon as your order is processed.
 Add to Cart: we accept credit cards online


Send us a Website Development Inquiry and we will contact you soon.

Q. How long would it take you to complete my site?
A. 2- 3 weeks.

Q. Do you custom design my site under this package?
A. To keep our costs low and pass the saving to you, we use one of our many site design templates to develop your site.  You can however, provide us input as to how you would like your site to be organized or what color combination you prefer.

Q. Can I keep the domain name after one year?
A. The domain name we register under this package is yours.  You can keep the domain name as long as you continue to pay domain registration/renewal charges.

Q. Can I transfer my domain to another registrar, any time?
A. Yes.  Any time.  Transferring to another registrar does not affect your hosted site as long as name server entries stay the same.

We are always there when you need us.  Our Exclusive online Customer Care Section will allow you to send us your requirements and request for services. Your requests are completed within 24 hours. Our support representatives work hard to respond to your needs and in the process earn your satisfaction.

Fax: (312) 896-9222   Customer Support / [email protected]

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