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Online-Internet Merchant Accounts: Online Presence

 Online-Internet Merchant Account and Payment Gateway: Online Presence

For just $196 to begin you can be up on the Internet and accepting payments, plus get a FREE shopping cart.

OnlinePresence.com brings you low  cost Internet Merchant Account and payment clearing solutionsClick here to sign up today.

Internet Merchant Accounts - Every merchant who wishes to accept credit cards online needs to set up a special Internet merchant account. This is an actual bank account which enables the credit card networks to route funds to you. Click here for pricing.

Real-Time Credit Card Processing -
Select from the following three platforms for Credit Card Processing:

1) Merchant Store
2) Signio

These gateways replace the swipe machine terminal found in traditional business. They integrate seamlessly with the FREE shopping cart to provide real-time credit card transactions on your website. 

Click here for pricing.

Once you have signed up for a merchant account we will give you links or instructions to download your free shopping cart.







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